Tuesday, December 4, 2012

FRPO in Design Vanguard

Pablo Oriol, left; Fernando Rodríguerz, right. Photo: DC on MO House roof
The annual Design Vanguard issue of Architectural Record, dedicated to a 10 young firms worldwide, includes my article on the Madrid firm FRPO (Fernando Rodríguez and Pablo Oriol). Full text and pictures can be found here.
"Their [design] process often involves breaking the building program into its basic elements, which they then weave back together in surprising ways....  The method can produce very compact designs, such as the OS House on the coast of Cantabria, Spain (2005; with Marco González), or ones that spread like an amoeba between the trees (MO House, Madrid, 2012)."

MO House.Photo © Miguel De Guzmán, from the article

Access and Services Building, City of Justice, Madrid. Photo © Federico López 
SO House. Photo © José Hevia

Design Vanguard:
FRPO (Rodríguez & Oriol Architecture)
Architectural Record, December 2012

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