Friday, November 30, 2012

No Bull

Canteen. Image courtesy of the architects

The cover story in December's Architectural Review (London) features my article on the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid's Matadero Cultural Center by Langarita Navarro Architects. The project is one of four winners in the Review's annual AR+D Awards for Emerging Architecture.
"María Langarita summarises, ‘Buildings are like ships that travel in time, with certain technologies from the past, and you decide if you are going to send those technologies again into the future or not.’  In the case of the Matadero, their project promises to quietly disappear, like the village of a nomadic tribe in the underbrush, while sending the naves onward towards a more durable reincarnation."
Red Bull Music Academy
Matadero Cultural Center, Madrid, by Langarita Navarro Architects
The Architectural Review, December 2012, page 46, cover

Hidden corner of the Academy. Photo by DC

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