Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What's Cooking in School

The Daily Mail Online, believe it or not, is a fascinating source for architecture news, particularly everything spectacular. Who is the editor there? Kudos!

The latest: The Walking City Revisited 

A thesis project by Madrid architecture student Manuel Domínguez, who is associated with the Zuloark architectural collective. 

Official name: Very Large Structure (not so imaginative, but may sound good in Spanish). AKA: Plataforma Probeta Móvil para la Gestión y Coreografía Territorial. Translation: Moving Test Tube Platform for Territorial Management and Choreography.

In bad times, back to Archigram.

Wouldn't you like to get up on that platform as it rumbles across the countryside (which is presumably rather flat), squashing everything in its path? Can't you feel it shaking and heaving under your feet, the steel humming and vibrating around you? Like one of the combines I see in La Mancha but on a serious scale.

One must also imagine it scooping up provisions along the way and unloading wastes. Loading and unloading people. With advance teams preparing the territory ahead. It really is predatory. A visual metaphor for an army moving across the countryside.

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