Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Personal Achievement Department

Photo DC
 The Architectural Review has listed my article Gaudi's Sacred Monster as one of their top five stories of 2012.

This critique of the ongoing construction on Antonio Gaudi's Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona appeared in their July issue.

I published a blog post on the story on August 6; Gaudí or Not Gaudí.

Now that I think of it, the photo does look like the building is popping a cork in time for the holidays. Or is it that steam from the ears of the subjects of my review?


  1. We received a comment in Spanish on this entry but didn't run it. It was so sloppily written that it got deleted before we thought better and decided to trot it out as evidence.

    Come on, "Franco Wright," doesn't it register that there is a certain level here? And not this:

    "Que tal y es en este proyecto un igual error de los disciples."

    PS: And that moniker? Please!

  2. Congratulations. An interesting article. Celery stalks!