Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Glazed, Dazed Media Gaze

© Rafael Vargas
I write about the new home of Les Encants, Barcelona's flea market, by Fermín Vázquez, and the urban design problems of Glòries, the unfinished crossroads, would-be plaza and future park where it is sited, in the February issue of The Architectural Review (available to subscribers here).
"This lack of structural clarity, as if the leaves of the canopy were caught in movement, together with the high-resolution images bouncing off the mirror finish, are symptomatic of the contemporary obsession with digital screens and their impact on visual perception, in which static spatial framing is rejected in favor of continuous visual flow."

Giltter Bug
Les Encants flea market, Barcelona, By Fermín Vázquez
The Architectural Review 
Volume CCXXXVII , Issue 1416
February 2015, pages 56 - 65

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