Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Barozzi - Veiga: Building the Void

All photos: Philharmonic Hall, Szczecin, Poland  © Mariela Apollonio

I am happy to claim the cover of this month's Architectural Record with a feature on the Barcelona-based studio of Barozzi - Veiga, chosen for the annual Design Vanguard issue (link).

Another Spaniard featured in the issue is Andrés Jaque, who currently teaches at Princeton. His article can be found here.

Fabrizio Barozzi is Italian, and studied at the Venice School of Architecture before finding himself in Seville on an Erasmus scholarship. That's where he met Alberto Veiga, originally from Galicia, who studied architecture in Pamplona.
"To convey the spirit of these quiet volumes for their competition entries, Barozzi and Veiga spend months preparing exquisite black-and-white renderings, seeking to capture every nuance of light, shadow, texture, scale, and density of mass."

Barozzi / Veiga
Design Vanguard
Architectural Record, December, 2014

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