Friday, May 16, 2014

Destination: Sant Just Desvern

To visit Walden 7, the work that put Ricardo Bofill on the map (1970-75), and his adjoining studio and house in a former cement plant (1973). It turned out to be surprisingly easy to get there, on the tram line that runs on the upper part of the Diagonal. I made the trip last March.

I was accompanied by Elisabeth Cuspinera, who took this picture - update on Nadar's portraits on the towers of Nôtre Dame, but without the gargoyles.

I was under-impressed by the interior courtyards, which like most of the building have been restored.

Great formal play on the outside, but aren't those windows tiny?

The labyrinth effect up at the top

From where you can peer down at Bofill's next-door spread.

The Taller de Arquitectura from the grounds

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