Saturday, May 18, 2013

Obrist Exhibit in Lina Bo Bardi's Glass House

Uncredited photo from openhouse blog
Just for the record, ending June 2nd is Hans Ullrich Obrist's art installation in Lina Bo Bardi's Glass House in São Paulo (1951), with works by 36 artists. He has mounted similar exhibitions in the houses of Nietzsche, John Soane, Federico García Lorca and Luis Barragán.

On the idea of the exhibition, Ángela Molina writes in El País (May 3, 2013):
"If museums are the great condenses of art, the houses where poets, architects and thinkers lived appear today as a refuge or idyllic escapade in their own right, spaces that allow a first-hand vision of the interpersonal transactions between the curator and the artist....  At a time when most museums look at art through the rose-tinted glasses of the market, in houses with a distinguished pedigree one can better understand creation as pure energy based on sensation, a sign of the centrality of architecture in cultural discourse."

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