Friday, March 30, 2012

Abusive Working Conditions

Archleaks España offers inside reports by anonymous submitters about working conditions in some of the best-known architecture studios in Spain. No one may be very surprised, but the jump from word-of-mouth into print of reports about quite a few abusive employers is an overdue call to attention.

Many good architects work on the fringe of economic possibility (and others have made millions). Many dedicate themselves to their work to the same extreme lengths they expect of their employees. But the over-reliance on underpaid (or even unpaid) students and interns must be seriously examined. And not just in Spain. The site also has versions in English (with many international firms) and Italian.

The page is in its starting stages, so I would encourage everyone to honestly share their experience.

However, a lot of the comments are quite abusive themselves, using the safety of anonymity for insults and exaggerated sarcasms. The site claims to be screened. but it could well do with a lot more. And it needs work on a very sloppy web presentation.

Thanks to Fredy Massad  for the "heads up" on this.

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