Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Language of Bronze

The eighth issue of the Russian journal Speech has come out with my article on Francisco Mangado's Archaeological Museum in Vitoria, Spain. The issue is dedicated to the theme of the detail. Altho I have written about the same project in Architectural Record this past July, this is an entirely different article (though it inevitably covers some of the same ground).

Free of Record's thorough editing, for good and for ill, I was able to get in some cherished bits, such as the not-so-far-fetched comparison to  Mies' Seagram Building which, as I was pleased to find, got an article all to itself in the same issue.

Speech is now preparing its ninth issue for this June, with more from this quarter.  

The Language of Bronze
Archaeology Museum of Álava, Vitoria, Spain, by Francisco Mangado
Speech 08/2011, December 2011, pages 80 - 91

Construction photo
Courtesy of Francisco Mangado

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