Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crisis Closes Half of Madrid's Architecture Studios

The Architectural Review asked me to send in a Your Views column in response to Luis Fernandez-Galiano's article on the challenges facing Spain's younger architects in the crisis. It appears in the January issue, and you can find it on the web here.

One of the alarming facts I mention is the report that HALF of ALL Madrid's architecture studios have closed due to the crisis.

This statement, by Jordi Ludevid i Anglada, President of  the CSCAE, the professional association of architects in Spain, was published in an article in the Propiedades section of El País that is not available on the web (12.04.11, p. 4). It is repeated here, in campaign material for the election of the governing board of the Madrid College of Architects last year.

José Antonio Granero, the President of the Madrid College of Architects is interviewed on the crisis in the business newspaper Cinco Días here (12.05.11).

See additional data in my entry of 01.09.12:
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