Friday, December 16, 2011

Spain Sweeps Young Architects Awards

Rowing Center by J.M. Sánchez García. © Roland Halbe

Britain's The Architectural Review also dedicates its December issue to emerging architects, and this year six Spanish firms make the cut out of a total of 16 prizes (many of the remaining prizes went to Japanese firms).

The magazine also turned to Luis Fernández-Galiano for a first-hand look at the tough situation young architects face in Spain: Survival Tactics for Spain's Harsh New Reality (free registration required).

Here are the winning Spanish firms:

Juan Creus, Covadonga Carrasco
Harbor remodelling, Malpica, Galicia
(Also joint winner of the Urbanism Prize in the 
XI Biennial of Spanish Architecture this year)

Enrique Krahe Marina
Municipal Theater, Zarfra

Zigzag Arquitectura
Social Housing, Mieres
(Also winner of the XI Biennial of Spanish Architecture)

Iñaqui Carnicero
Slaughterhouse Restoration, Madrid
(Also featured in the December Design Vanguard in Architectural Record)

José María Sánchez García
Rowing Center, Alange, Badajoz
(Photo top)

Tómas García Piriz
Biodiviversity Center, Loja

Photo Top. Rowing Center by J. M. Sánchez García.  
© Roland Halbe, Used with permission.

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