Saturday, March 26, 2011

La Trufa

I write on Antón García-Abril's Truffle House, the latest of his experiments in heavy construction, in the March issue of the Viennese journal architektur.aktuell. This small guesthouse on the coast of Galicia is an unreinforced concrete structure, poured in a single day using hay bales and unconsolidated earth as formwork. García-Abril has taught at Cornell and Harvard as well as in Madrid; he is currently teaching at MIT.
García-Abril's investigations into the architectural implications of extremely dense materials, into the qualities of gravity, balance, mass and materiality and the choreography of the construction process, are as compelling in their own right as the early theoretical house projects of Peter Eisenman, for example; they are just as frivolous and serious and pathbreaking
Back to Nature
Trufa House, Costa da Morte, Spain by Antón García-Abril.
architektur.aktuell 372, March 2011, pages 52 - 61.

Photo © Roland Halbe

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